Yet another World Cup 2014 list of gorgeous players


The group round of the World Cup 2014 is close to an end, so let’s look back at some the hottest players while we still have them around to watch. It took hours days to compile this list. You’d be surprised how incredibly difficult it is to find good looking, shirtless players!

The first group of gorgeous football man candy includes some big stars that also happen to usually be great players (maybe not necessarily in this World Cup). They get preferencial treatment because you can find loads of pictures of them in various stages of undress (no worries, this is still pretty PG). But they look great nonetheless, with or without a shirt!

Gerard Piqué


Country: Spain – Age: 27 – Position: Defense (Center-back) – Photo Sources: 1, 2

What’s not to love about Gerard Piqué? He has a gorgeous face, especially those piercing blue eyes and killer smile. Lucky for us, he has a killer body he likes to show off often. This World Cup has not been a good one for Piqué, nor the Spanish team in general. His team may have already been eliminated, but he gets to go home to his girlfriend Shakira, so he’s not really a loser here!

Glen Johnson


Country: England – Age: 29 – Position: Defense (Right-back) – Photo Sources: 1

That smile! Every single time I see a picture of Glen Johnson smiling I get the giggles, like a 13 yearl old who just saw her school crush. Can you blame me? The Englishman looks great with a stubble or clean shaven and that rocking body is to die for. He has a bit of a bad boy image in the game, but he is actually a caring and thoughtful man: he founded the Glen Johnson Soccer School in his hometown of Dartfort, Kent, as a way to support youngsters in is local community.

Claudio Marchisio


Country: Italy – Age: 28 – Position: Midfield – Photo Sources: 1, 2, 3

The only man in this list who looks just as good in a suit as he does in underwear! Claudio Marchisio is one sexy Italian, without a doubt! In fact, I don’t mind never seeing him shirtless provided he always wears that suit (ok, I’m exaggerating. I always want to see these hot guys shirtless!). Aptly dubbed Il Principino (the Little Prince), the man is built to swoon. Those piercing blue eyes not only makes us go ga-ga over him, but I’m sure footballers playing against him might get super psyched by them, too!

Fabian Schär


Country: Switzerland – Age: 22 – Position: Defense (Center-back) – Photo Sources: 1, 2, 3

Before his career in football, Schär worked in a bank. With such an employee in my local branch, I’d be making financial transactions every single day. He is the youngest player in our list at 22, but he is certainly experience enough in the international arena! He’s played games in sub-20 games as well as a stint in the 2012 summer Olympics. Sadly, he has not played any World Cup game just yet. There’s still one more chance for the midfielder to play, so I hope we get to see him then!

Didier Drogba


Country: Ivory Coast – Age: 36 – Position: Forward (Striker) – Photo: 1, 2, 3

At first, I wasn’t really sure why Drogba made other lists. The last memory I had of this guy was playing against Colombia with an impressive physique, indeed, but this scruffy face I did not find appealing at all. I only needed to do a quick Google search to understand. He cleans up well for sure! The man has an incredibly seductive gaze and smile, not to mention chiseled abs and chest! Need more evidence? Check out his Vanity Fair cover (along with Cristiano Ronaldo) that’ll make you wonder how all that muscle can fit in such a small space!

Mats Hummels


Country: Germany – Age: 25 – Position: Defense (Center-back) – Photo Sources: 1, 2, 3

This guy is the brown-eyed version of a Matt Bomer or Ian Somerhalder. Dear lord, he’s gorgeous! And beauty is not his only characteristic. The man appears to be very loyal, too, as recently there’s been talk of an potential offer from Manchester United for Hummels for which he has reportedly said he’s quite happy at the Borussia Dortmund, his current club. And although the man plays defense, he managed to score a goal for Germany in the game versus Portugal, a game most of the “neutral” went to see for Cristiano Ronaldo! Well, I guess they got a little German treat instead!

Olivier Giroud


Country: France – Age: 27 – Position: Forward (Striker) – Photo Sources: 1, 2, 3

If football doesn’t work out for Giroud, modelling will be an equally profitable career choice for the French striker. He is not considered in the ranking of the best football players in the world, but he can definitely be considered one of the hottest. His performance at the World Cup has contributed to France’s victories so far, so I would not dismiss him as a player just yet.

Aleksandr Kerzhakov


Country: Russia – Age: 31 – Position: Forward (Striker) – Photo Sources: 1, 2, 3

One the oldest of the group, Kerzhakov’s one of Russia’s top scorers, and quite frankly, maybe of the hottest, too. Kerzhakov made his international debut as a young 20 year old in the World Cup 2002 in Korea / Japan and at 31, the man doesn’t seem to show signs of stopping. He’s still a powerful player with impressive physique and like some of the other players in this list, the owner of the most unbelievable pair of blue eyes ever! I’m not sure how I’d be able,to choose my favorite! There are a couple of good photos showing his super chiselled chest and abs, but they are not very high resolution. But check out those arms for a sneak preview of what you can expect!

Most lists would end now by now, but wait! There’s more (like an infomercial would)! The following players are equally hot, I just did not find enough photos (on a variety of poses and yes, shirt-wearing – or not) to put them with the other guys.

20140624-075258-28378299.jpgThis is Robin Van Persie. He is 30 years old and he is from the Netherlands. If he were in a boy band, he’d be the lead singer. Photo: Source

20140624-075258-28378746.jpgAnd this is Antonio Candreva from Italy. The 27 year old could not be bothered to be in a boy band. A man band, yes. Photo: Source
20140624-075259-28379036.jpgAsmir Begovic would definitely be in the boy band. The 27 year old Bosnian would be “the quiet one”. Or the “incredibly sexy one”. Both seem to fit! Photo: Source
20140624-075259-28379372.jpgThe looks of 28 year old Sergio Ramos from Spain could most certainly get him the role of “tough/bad boy” in our band. The man is 90% muscle, 10% sizzle! Photo: Source
20140624-075259-28379238.jpgGraham Zusi from the USA could also be a lead singer of a boy band. The 27 year old could be in NSync version of FIFA, perhaps. Photo: Source
20140624-080233-28953173.jpgJuan Carlos Garcia from Honduras could be in any boy band, but the 25 year old would prefer to be a soulful R&B star. Photo: Source
20140624-080233-28953298.jpgAh, but when it comes to boy bands, no one fits “the cute one” role better than 27 year old Granit Xhaka from Switzerland. Photo: Source
20140624-080233-28953043.jpgXabi Alonso from Spain cannot be bothere with all this boy band nonesense. The 32 year old would a star on his own! Photo: Source
20140624-081642-29802535.jpgJames Rodriguez is another very strong contender for the role as “the cute one” in this ficticious boy band of ours. The Colombian 22 year old is also a great footballer, almost as much as he is adorable! Photo: Source

20140624-081642-29802725.jpgAnd because we could never have enough bad boys in our boy band, here’s 28 year old Miguel Veloso from Portugal and his experimental hairstyle. Photo: Source

The likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Mario Balotelli get on every single list. While I do think these guys are very good looking, I find my listed ones more appealling. Who are your favorites from this list? Which players not included here are yoir absolute favorites? Let me know in the comments!


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