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Should you watch this movie? if you are an Adam Sandler movie fan, then you’ll like it. If you are not, then you will not like it. Simple.

Lauren and Jim are two single parents who go on a blind date with a disastrous result. After deciding never to see each other ever again, they sign up separately for an exotic African vacation and end up stuck together with kids in tow and all. Hilarity ensues.

20140712-102707-37627992.jpgIf you have ever seen an Adam Sandler movie, you know these are all full of gimmicks and plenty of slapstick-type of comedy that will sometimes make you laugh like a crazy person and sometimes go “uggh, why?” This movie is exactly the same. You find lots of scenes to laugh about, but that does not mean the movie is that great in general.

This is the third collaboration of Adam Sandler (as Jim) and Drew Barrymore (as Lauren). Remember how magical The Wedding Singer was? Well, the magic did not happen in this one. Although Drew is always lovely and tends to give it her best (not to mention the generally good chemistry she has with Sandler), that was not enough to consider this a great comedy. It was ok. I was entertained in a lot of scenes. But it was mostly, “meh”. The cast also boasts Wendi McLendon-Covey of Bridesmaids fame, Kevin Nealon from SNL / Weeds fame, and the always hilarious Terry Crews. He is probably one of the best things about the movie; great comedic moments! In case you are still wondering who Terry Crews is, let me leave you with this. You’re welcome!

Overall, you can say the movie has a lot of slapstick, but misses a lot of “heart”. A good combination of the two is what ultimately makes romantic comedies worth watching. Is this movie not worth watching then? I would personally wait until it’s out on DVD or even better, for free on T.V. Unless you are a huge Adam Sandler fan, you may want your money back when you leave the theater!

Bechdel Test: Fail (?)
1. It has to have at least two [named] women in it it has several: Drew Barrymore as the female lead, Lauren, Wendi McLendon-Covey as Jen, and the three girls playing Adam Sandler’s daughters
2. Who talk to each other yes, there are plenty of interaction scenes, from Lauren and Jen discussing stuff (being that they are business partners), to Lauren and Jim’s daughters
3. About something besides a man I tried to think of an instance when these characters spoke about ANYTHING remotely un-man related, but I couldn’t. Which means it must’ve been small. There was probably conversation with the girls about their dead mom. But in the end is mostly either about a romantic interest or Jim as a dad!

Does it matter? lots of named women with lines is not enough if they only have men to talk about. Two of the characters are business partners, why couldn’t they discuss some fun crap about their business?

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