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Should you watch this movie? Wait till it’s on Netflix, or whatever movie provider you have, otherwise the whole going to the movies endeavor will feel like a waste of money.

Mac and Kelly are a young couple with a newborn daughter who ponder how parenthood will affect their old lifestyle, especially the way their friends Jimmy and Paula behave. The move of a rowdy fraternity to the house next door makes things really challenging: on the one hand Kelly and Mac want to prove to themselves they can still be cool, on the other, they just want to have a good night’s sleep. As the fraternity brothers get louder, the shenanigans get crazier…

IMG_7498.JPGYou’d think a movie with the likes of Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne, Dave Franco, and Lisa Kudrow would be freaking hilarious, but alas, it is not. Maybe expecting a hilarious film was the problem and I was terribly disappointing. It was pretty crass and generally more “oh god, no” than “lol”. And you know I don’t mind crass. This one was just not written well enough to support all the dick and fart jokes. The movie also stars MacLovin and Zac Efron’s chest, by the way, none of which do much in the movie except for showing up.

A lot of people liked this movie. A lot. I wondered if being tired clouded my judgement. Maybe it did a bit. However; I also felt the movie was trying to be like a witty dialog, Apatow-style movie crossed with the shock of something like The Hangover. It is sort of crazy trying to achieve what made those movies successful without caring for a coherent story at least. It doesn’t have to be Oscar-worthy writing at all, but the whole thing was just all over the place and I felt pretty “meh” after watching.

Bechdel Test: Pass
1. It has to have at least two [named] women in it Yes, Rose Byrne as Kelly, Carla Gallo as Kelly’s crazy friend Paula, Lisa Kudrow as Carol, the university dean. There is also a cute blonde who plays Teddy’s girlfriend, definitely named, but don’t remember anymore what it was.
2. Who talk to each other Not extensively, but there is conversation
3. About something besides a man Surprisingly, yes! Again, not extensively, but Kelly speaks to Paula over FaceTime where the latter invites the former to a rave. Kelly also speaks to the dean of the university about, no idea, but no man talk, and she speaks with Teddy’s (the character Zac Efron’s chest plays) about her daughter Stella

Does it matter? I didn’t even care until I realized it passed. One would think the movie would drive on the comedic performance of Seth Rogen, but Rose Byrne was the shinning star here. But we sort of already knew how awesome she is.

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