The movies that killed it at the box office but have audiences going uh?


Don’t get me wrong: these movies are good in all aspects. Critics have liked them, the general public as well. But they’ve also managed to puzzle some audiences, something one would not usually expect from films released by these studios. So what’s the deal with these movies? Read on to learn why.

Inside Out

Image Source: Inside Out Official Website / Disney-Pixar

Synopsis and Credits: Read on IMDB
The latest animated motion picture from Pixar tells the story of Riley, an 11 year-old girl who moves from Minnesota to San Francisco with her family and the rollercoaster of emotions that the experience takes her through: we get a closer look at the emotions that play a role in Riley’s daily life: Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust, and Sadness.
Ok, let’s begin with the obvious: the movie is great. As usual Pixar delivers an amazing story that touches a nerve, no matter who you are. You will laugh and you will cry (or at the very least get a little choked up). The animation is top not h and the cast is ridiculously good. Amy Poehler plays Joy, Bill Hader is Fear, Lewis Black is Anger, Mindy Kaling is Disgust, and Phillys Smith is Sadness. Seriously spot on casting choices! (If we were to cast Anger for my brain story, it’d have to be Samuel L. Jackson, though, on a account of the cursing). The story even gets the thumbs up from psychologists who say the story nails it in providing an understanding on how emotions and memories work in our brain. Kudos to the writers for finding a way to achieve that and doing so in a manner that non-scientists can understand! For all the thought and dedication, it appears there is a target demographic that did not seem to get it: children.
I took my toddler to watch it, and he was figgety and towards the end when I asked him “did you like it?” he was pretty straightforward: “NO”. It could be the language the hindered his experience. It could be he is just too young to understand it. In any case, he wasn’t the only one in the movie theater with a puzzled look. This one will be the first Pixar movie he didn’t really get. However; I do think the “over 6” crowd would love it (like this little guy here). All in all, lovely story worth a watch. You’ve done it again, Pixar!



Image Source: Ant-Man Official Website / Marvel

Synopsis and Credits: Read on IMDB
Here’s the newest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After Dr. Hank Pym is driven out of his own company by former protegé an current CEO, Darren Cross, Pym recruits convict Scott Lang to protect the secret technology behind the Ant-Man suit. The movie stars Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Evangeline Lilly, and Corey Stoll.
Paul Rudd proves once more (as Chris Pratt did before him in Guardians of the Galaxy) that a funny man can carry a successfull superhero movie. Although the primary comic relief did not come from him but from his co-star Michael Peña.  Overall casting choices were great with Douglas as Hank Pym, Lilly as H, and Stoll (season 1 House of Cards anyone?) as Darren Cross. What’s more important is that with this movie, Marvel was able to check all the requirements of a successfull comic book adaptation: Great storyline and character origin? Check. Action-packed and superb special effects? Double check. Tie-in with other stories and characters from the Marvel universe? Triple check. Stan Lee cameo? You get the gist.
What’s not so great about this film? This is the second lowest premiere at the box office for Marvel (the first being The Incredible Hulk). It still managed to rake in a pretty impressive $58 million and took the top spot opening weekend. But the studio is not phazed by this and they consider it a hit nonetheless. The first movies of other characters like Captain America or Thor have always brought in a bit less than the sequels. And unless you are a comic book nerd, most people don’t know much about the Ant-Man character (fun fact: he was one of the original Avengers… Say whaaat?). You gotta admit the story of a buff Norse God sounds a bit more impressive than a guy who can become insect small. However, don’t let that discourage you from watching this film. It is a very entertaining flick and it heralds greater things to come!



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