The Revenant – Or give Leonardo Dicaprio his Oscar already!


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The Revenant tells the survival tale of Hugh Glass, a 1820s frontiersman in the fur trade who gets mauled by a bear and left for dead by his expedition team. The film, based patially on Michael Punke’s book of the same name, is directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu and stars Leonardo Dicaprio, Tom Hardy, Domhall Gleeson, and Will Poulter.

Members of the Academy, it’s time. Yes, you’ve had stellar performances by leading actors over the past few years, so we can all understand why you’ve deferred this one. Is Dicaprio’s Hugh Glass the best performance he’s ever delivered? Probably not, but it’s a damn good one worth an Oscar. Seriously, the man plays a character who’s been almost shredded to pieces, dealt with unfathomable loss, and is still trying to get back to his camp (to ennact his revenge no less). The pure, raw emotion is undeniable. Don’t even read the nominees, presenters at the show, JUST GIVE HIM THE OSCAR ALREADY!

The movie begins with a heavy battle scene where the trappers are collecting their pelts and get ambushed by Arikara native Americans. In one of the moments after they escape, Dicaprio’s Glass accidentally stumbles upon a grizzly bear with cubs and is thus attacked. For the rest of the movie, we follow the journey of Glass through the wintery wilderness of Montana and South Dakota trying to get to Fort Kiowa (his base). The pace remains fairly slow, with a very large part of screen time devoted to Dicaprio’s injured character. Sometimes the present timeline gets interrupted by character’s flashbacks and the ocassional “unfortunate” encounter that’ll make you think “this had to be the unluckiest man in the world!” Although slow, you could not say the plot is boring at all. The film succeeds in create a feeling of anticipation of what’ll happen next.

The industry has already responded to this movie with a few Golden Globe wins and 12 Academy Award nominations, particularly in the big categories: Actor in a Leading role for Dicaprio, Actor in a Supporting role for Tom Hardy, Directing for Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu, and Best Movie. This a visually stunning movie (guess what, it’s got a nomination for Cinematography, too!) that combined with it’s compelling plot makes it the best choice for this year coveted awards. Compared to previous year’s nominees, it may seem like an overrated choice, but in the pool of nominees, it works!

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