Successful marketing is like growing carrots


One day, totally out of the blue, I decided I needed to plant vegetables. Not “wanted.” I needed to do so. 

I need to clarify that my ability to keep a decorative plant alive at this point was non-existent, so deciding to grow food was quite the stretch. 

And thus, I began my brand new journey. It was a bit of a learning curve, but with perseverance, hard work, and a lot of love, my vegetable garden was quite successful. 

Except for carrots. 

That first attempt, the seeds went straight into the vegetable patch, but nothing happened. Other root vegetables managed to grow, ok. Why not carrots? 

Back to the drawing board!

Maybe a better approach here would be sowing the seeds in smaller containers. And so I did, and with lots of sunshine, water, and care, tiny sprouts began to appear. Soon after, my personal life took a turn for the worse.

It was not a good time to care for plants. One by one, the little sprouts began to die. After about a month of no care, they all died. Or so I thought. 

On a sunny afternoon, I wandered into the garden and noticed one little green spot in that container where the carrots were growing. At first, I thought that was just weeds, and then I realized that a carrot managed to grow there against all the odds.  

The carrot began to thrive, with more love and care. At one point, the leaves started to wilt, and I worried maybe I was out of luck again. It turns out the carrot had grown out of space. It was time to go to a bigger container. 

I put my carrot in a medium-sized pot and took it with me when I moved out of my home and into an apartment with no garden. The carrot grew as far as it could and then became part of a beautiful salad.

Sometimes it’s better to start small when you market your business not to get lost in the crowd and the noise of that competitive landscape that is your niche.  

Sometimes, you’re going to make a lot of small efforts that won’t pan out until you find that sweet spot that will bring out the best results. But one day, you’ll notice the sweet spot is not as sweet as it once was, and it’s not giving you the results you had before. 

And you’ll worry your luck ran out until you realize this is actually your moment—the moment to step up to something bigger, something better.

So keep planting those seeds. For what you plant now, you will harvest later.


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