Four Ways to Keep your Business Relevant with Content Marketing


Most potential clients are not ready to buy from you right now. But when they are, you want them to think of you and only you. 

In the business world, the buzz word is “thought leadership.” In the world of mere mortals, content marketing is all about staying in the mind of your potential buyers.

Here are four ways you can keep your business relevant through content.

1. Give Advice  

You could say advice and tips are the cornerstones of successful marketing. You take your expertise, put in the service of potential clients, and do it for free. 

But not all advice is made equal.

There are two essential factors when it comes to providing advice and tips in your content marketing strategy. The first one is, as we already mentioned, expertise. You know something that can provide a benefit to your potential customer. And you give that to them. 

The second one is context. And that, my friends, is very important because that’s what differentiates the information (and the noise, if we’re honest) from actual value. 

And why is that? Because when you can apply expertise in context, that means that your advice or tip can more easily become action.   

2. Teach new skills

That doesn’t need much explanation, of course. But I can imagine some of you may be wondering, how do I approach the subject of teaching something new? 

The clue and your starting point here is tip number 1. Once you have created a whole “catalog” of tips and advice, you can reuse and re-package the material into a separate valuable educational asset.

You can turn all that knowledge into an ebook, or perhaps even some slide decks. Better yet, you can take one of those tips and expand on the subject through a webinar. 

The best part of this exercise is how it can set the foundation for you to create more comprehensive programs, ones that you could even sell online. 

3. Have a little fun  

Having fun with content is not an option; it is a necessity! A successful content strategy will depend on your consistent effort. 

And if you can’t find the joy in it, you’ll quickly drop that effort. 

There’s always room for a little bit of fun. You don’t really have to be silly or do crazy things. What’s most important is that you are enjoying the process. 

Perhaps this is the perfect opportunity to try something you’ve never done before. A big part of enjoying the process is to stretch yourself with something you never thought you could do.

And quite often, it ends up being a lot nicer than you could ever imagine. 

So go ahead, take a chance.  

4. Just be you

Your content marketing strategy will be a guaranteed failure if you can’t do this. 

You can give fantastic advice, provide invaluable skills through teaching, and even joyfully deliver all of these, but without this one, everything else will fizzle. It’s the most challenging and easiest to accomplish at the same time. 

The answer is you!

In the words of Oscar Wilde, “be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” 

Content marketing can help you create connections with people that will become your client at some point. And you want those connections to be as genuine as you can. 

And the only way you can achieve this is by being yourself. 

Content marketing allows you to create lasting connections and stay relevant in your potential customer’s mind. 

Step into the spotlight and share!



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