[Case Study] How to turn seasonal into evergreen content


Different crises bring with them different challenges, but they all have one thing common.

They all, eventually, pass.

That will also be the case with the current coronavirus pandemic, even when it seems to try to “pull a Gandalf” every time we see a slight improvement.

Let me ask you something. What will your online content look like when we return to normal (whatever that normal might be!)?

With some of the restrictions easing up in various countries, it’s time to talk about evergreen content.

Evergreen content is that type of material that’s timeliness. It will always be relevant, no matter the season of the year, nor current events.

It’s great content that will come to the rescue when you’re a little short on topics (happens to the best of us.)

One of my pieces of content was all about the coronavirus crisis. But the topic itself you could apply to many other contexts, not only this particular crisis.

Here’s how I converted a seemingly event-specific piece of content into various evergreen content assets:

1. The Starting Point

The first piece of content I published was an outline that I planned to expand later on. I created a PDF slide deck and posted it on LinkedIn.

Read the original post here

2. The Content Strategy Execution

Next, I created a separate video for every topic I outlined in my carousel post. Each post went on LinkedIn (4 in total); then, I consolidated all videos into one I posted on Facebook.

Check out the videos on LinkedIn here: Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Video 4. Or watch the consolidated version on Facebook here.

2. The Transformation

Finally, I transcribed the consolidated video and edited the text for clarity. That entire text I published as a brand new blog post on my page.

Read the blog post here

Not only is that content evergreen now, but I also have six additional pieces of content I can re-use down the line.

Of course, I had this in mind all along. If you didn’t think about this when you first created your event or seasonal-based content, you can still make some tweaks and turn that content into something evergreen.

Think about the overarching theme of your content. If you are a mindfulness coach and created a video about “dealing with the stress and anxiety of the coronavirus crisis,” your overarching theme is about how to handle stress and anxiety during challenging situations.

You could create a blog post that tackles that subject or a mini-guide that goes more in-depth into the issue.

It might take you some time to re-think your content into a more evergreen format, but it’s a worthy exercise that will save you a lot of time and energy later on.

And you still get to share your message and provide incredible value to those who will become your clients.



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