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Should you watch this movie? Yes, it is hilarious, with lot’s of “no, she didn’t!” moments that will make you burts in a combination of shock and laughter.

Imagine the worst teacher you’ve ever had. Did this person behaved and treated students as if he/she probably shouldn’t have chosen teaching as a career, but rather disgruntled civil servant? Was your teacher also blonde, tall, and leggy? Add hilarious comedic moments motivated by money and you have a good idea of what to expect with this movie.

Ms. Halsey (Cameron Diaz) is a junior high teacher who couldn’t care less about her students. She drinks too much, she uses lots of drugs, and sleeps through classes, while her students just watch high school movies she plays for them. When her very wealthy fiance dumps her, she must find another way to support her taste for luxury and lavish goods. In comes Scott (Justin Timberlake), a whealthy substitute teacher she must get.
I’m not a fan of Cameron Diaz. Somewhere between the first Charlie’s Angels movie and The Sweetest Thing, this woman really got on my nerves. After watching this movie, I really, really like her. She is so mean it’s hilarious and the shenanigans she gets into are worth the movie ticket for sure. It is interesting how one movie can change your perception. But enough about Cameron Diaz. Although she does drive a lot of the comedy, one character acts as the counter part to deliver these brilliant moments of absurdity in an environment you’d think as pretty tame: Lucy Punch, a British actress (playing American in this one), in the role of Ms. Squirrel, the hard working, dedicated teacher who becomes suspicious of Ms. Halsey’s ways. Justin Timberlake delivers a great performance and makes you forget he was once in a boy band and dating Britney Spears (yeah, like, totally lame!) I wish I would’ve gotten to see a bit more of Jason Segel, but he does well in the movie nevertheless.

Definitely worth a watch. If you’re down, are not in a good mood, or need to just kick back and watch some senseless comedy, this one will do the trick! Now expect a lot of “foul-mouthness” and brazen behavior. If you easily insulted by blatant disregard of the sanctity and honor there is in educating our childres, you might find this one tacky and tasteless. If you are in a pretty irrevent mood, this one is just what you need to see!

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