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Based on the Marvel comic, Thor is exactly what you’d expect: action packed and quite enjoyable. Thor is the son of Odin, king of Valhalla, one of the 9 realms in the universe. He grows up together with his brother Loki listening to his father’s battle stories; the focus on one many years before with the ice giants of Jottenheim. Valhalla wins. Thor can’t wait to be older to be king. Fast forward a couple of years…

Young Thor is now the delicious Chris Hemworth (sight with delight) He is strong, brave, and super cocky. That does not sit well with papa; so after an unfortunate incident with the old foes, the Jotten dudes; Thor is banished to Earth and as punishment he gets to hang out with Miss Natalie Portman (boo-hoo!) Stuff happens: explosions, fights, sexual tension you can cut with a knife, and I can confidently say, without spoiling it for you, the good guys win. Overall, I liked it and I don’t think many people would disagree, especially from the “providing entertaient” point of view. I’m not fully convinced with the whole 3D thing, maybe it was the theater and the glasses they provided, maybe it’s because I’m far-sighted (incidentally, hubby is near-sighted and he loooves 3D. My other complain would be the fact that Mr. Thor did not remove his shirt more often. It was terribly cruel to have one single, lonely shirtless scene. How can this director tease me so? Shame on you! Natalie Portman wasn’t brilliant, but she didn’t suck either. Maybe this project came after everything else she did last year. At some point she may have made new year’s resolution “must be in every possible movie of different genres”. Also, is it me or isn’t Kat Dennings (in the very, very small role of) playing the same snarky, angst-ridden character in every single movie? Well, this a fun movie I can recommend, it delivers on it’s entertainment promise. I don’t think you’ll leave the movie theater pumped and energized, but you’ll definitely won’t feel you wasted your money.*

*I accept the possibility you may disagree. To you I say chill-ax buddy. Enjoy the ride.

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