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3 idiots is probably the best movie ever made. I know what you are thinking. That is a pretty big statement, and for a Bollywood movie no less. Well, you have to understand, when my husband told me “let’s watch this movie, it seems funny”, I took it like a 6 year-old faces the prospect of having broccoli for dinner. I was nearly short of a massive temper tantrum. Instead I encountered this hilarious comedy that got me literally ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing, for those who don’t speak internet), in both comedic and dramatic parts.
Most of the plot takes place as flashback memories of the main characters as freshmen in the Imperial College of Engineering in India, which completely brought me back to my time as an engineering student. These engineering students were almost a carbon copy of some of those I had to share classes with: thin fluff-like mustaches and plaid shirts, over very old-fashion jeans and sometimes sandals; and as in the movie often carrying around calculators or any other gadgets they’ve built for class. I cannot imagine engineering students in MIT look like that.

The movie is epic. It can overall be labeled as a “comedy”, but the movie can easily take you in 15 minutes through the entire spectrum of human emotion. In fact, sites like IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes categorize this movie into many genres at the same time. And they’ll all be right; this movie indeed has everything comedy, drama, romance, action, strong moral messages. I bet you’ll watch the entire movie, even if you think it’s utterly ridiculous (and if you are used to Hollywood you will think so!), just because you want to know what will happen. It will keep you hooked until the end. Sure, some parts are quite over-the-top, and when it comes to some plot resolution points, you’ll feel more like watching a play rather than a movie. With that I mean, Hollywood movies usually rely on imagery to untangle the story, while Bollywood and definitely this movie relies on narration. It tends to come down to one of the characters bursting into a heartfelt monologue that explains a bunch of the missing pieces from the storyline puzzle with the most dramatic score to accompany it.
The one part I did not like was the romantic portion of the movie. Not that this part was bad, it just didn’t seem to fit in quite well, it felt pretty forced and in my opinion fell short of a good romantic plotline. But what this movie does not fall short is excellent comedic timing and plenty of dancing routines as you would expect in any Bollywood movie. There is a very catchy song (also showcased in the trailer), with the chorus “all is well”. The dance routine associated with it is absurd, hilarious and extremely cheesy. When it ends, you think to yourself, “oh my god, this is the most ludicrous thing you’ve ever seen!” and you’d be right. Yet a couple of days later you’ll still be singing along! Very few movies have captured my attention like this one has. And I sure, I may sound a little patronizing of the Bollywood genre. And you know, I am making fun of it a little bit, but that should not diminish the power of these movies. This one actually got me to watch a couple more since, so tip of my hat to you Bollywood. Your plots may be crazy, but you sure know how to entertain!

Important Note: Make sure when you get this movie you find one with subtitles in a language you understand; unless of course you are a fluent Hindi speaker. Additional to that, please note this movie is nearly 2 and a half hours!

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