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Should you watch this movie? Hmm. I say no.

Carrie Stetko is US Marshall working in Antartica. Nothing “policey” happens there. It’s pretty cold out there, so not many places to hide if you do something naughty and illegal. You’d think this would deter the evil doers. It doesn’t.

During a routine investigation a body is discovered. Examination of this human popsicle reveals foul play. Shock and horror! First murder ever in Antartica! Together with this random investigator dude, the mystery unfolds. Now I’m glad I caught this movie on TV. Why? Had I paid a movie ticket, I would’ve demanded my money back. The first 15 minutes were actually promising. I couldn’t finish it then so I recorded it. When I resumed where I left off, things started to go downhill. The acting deteriorates considerably as the movies and the plotline progresses. By the end those guys must’ve been reading from cue cards. I had a very hard time to keep focused on the movie, that’s how boring and loose it became. My dog’s snores were far more interesting. I didn’t give up on it simply out of curiosity. Not of how the plot would be resolved, but more whether I had guessed it right. That’s how predictable it was.

I could go on, but there was really nothing to salvage!

Paola’s mood afternwatching this movie:


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  1. Manuel Anaya

    When i saw the trailer it seemed promising and I felt tempted to watch it in the cinema. Luckily I didn't do it, It could have angered me to the point that I'd punch a dolphin


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