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This one is quite a refreshing option. Now, the plot line of this one is a tried and tested formula: girl with the go-get-it and can-do attitude dreams of working as a producer in one of best morning shows out there, Good Morning America. Instead she gets the job of turning around Daybreak, another morning show considered the worst. Here’s where the can-do attitude kicks in: turn around from horrible to great. The road is hard and many obstacles arise. In the end, and here I’m pretty sure this is not a spoiler because you’ve probably thought of it already, she succeeds in her endeavor.

Now, if you want a story so compelling you did not see this coming, then you’ll probably be very disappointed. Nevertheless, predictability aside, this was a smart and witty comedy, with fantastic performances by Rachel MacAdams as Becky, the “girl with the can-do attitude,” and Harrison Ford as Mike Pomeroy, the “obstacle”. The latter I must say is just pure awesomeness. Diane Keaton was not as prominent in the movie as I would’ve hoped, same is to say about Patrick Wilson (Yum!)

Now this one, as I said before, is not a hard one to figure out, so I will let you watch and decide for yourselves!

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