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Should you watch this movie? Yes. It a scary tale that is not so far fetched in our current reality.

This is the story of an unknown virus rapidly spreading across the world population with no known vaccine. Through an ensemble cast (Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Marion Cotillard, Kate Winslet, Lawrence Fishburn, Jude Law) and the direction of Steve Soderbergh, the movie portrays how government and health organizations react to the epidemic and work towards finding a cure as well as the lives of different character in the face of a crumbling society.

There have been several movies about pandemics and they are pretty much focused on the fear factor and just general panic these type of events generate, you know, blockbuster, end of the world type of stuff. This movie focuses on the science and the protocols that are followed in such scenario without losing its emotional grip and ability to compel.

As mentioned before, an ensemble cast brings this story to life without any discernible protagonist, however; the perfromances are great and play a fantastic plot under the direction of Soderbergh. I found it scary, I mean, it is a pretty plausible scenario, which makes it terrifying, even though it doesn’t rely of the scare tactics of other movies.

I highly recommend this movie for the more discerning minds. Don’t go watch this if you are in no mood to think.

Paola’s mood after watching this movie:

Well, I was more freaked out about the plot happening in reality, so the mood above is more on the quality of the movie!


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