New Year’s Eve


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Should you watch this movie? I would not pay for the ticket, but rather wait for it to be on TV. This is an example of what a movie with an ensemble cast should not be (this one would be a much better choice)

Simple story: it’s New Year’s Eve and some people have unresolved conflicts that need resolving. Others lose faith and regain it. And of course there is the love. Every single character experiences love in one way or another. The stories are intertwined. In a nutshell – brace yourselves: (***deep inhale***)

Cranky guy gets stuck in elevator with girl who’s going to be a backup singer of a major star playing in Times Square in New York who also happens to be singing at a record company party where his ex he is trying to win back is cooking and a friend of the cranky guy dying to get into that party helps a middle aged woman fulfill her dreams in exchange for some tickets while his sister struggles to let go of his teenage daughter who sneaks out of the house to go to Times Square where a very anxious vicepresident manages the Ball Drop event which a dying man really wants to watch from the rooftop of the hospital where two couples expecting babies compete for the 19.42€prize to the first baby of the new year while lonely guy on his way to the city longs for a woman he met one year before and looks forward to meet again…
(***gasp for air***)

Did the movie deserve such a major breathing effort on my part? Not really. Don’t get me wrong; it doesn’t suck, but it’s also not a big deal, hence why my first statement on it is, don’t waste the movie ticket on it. Or do, but keep your expectations minor. It is entertaining, has some nice funny parts, and it doesn’t have overly ridiculous parts that make you cringe. For the most part of the movie I could not believe how big little Abigail Bresil is and how Michelle Pfeiffer does not change (kudos to her genes and/or plastic surgeon)

Here’s the deal: the first try to copy Love Actually was not really successful (remember Valentine’s Day?). Now why would they do the exact same thing with New Year’s Eve, I don’t get. It does fulfill the standard romantic comedy expectations of that demographic for sure, and for those of you who loooove the genre, you’ll like it, as said before, it is not terribly ridiculous. What it is is lackluster. I was mildly entertained, but not enough to earn a full smiley face. I’m not sure why critics trashed this movie as much as they did, sure, they wasted a lot of talent with a copycat movie concept that lacked the original’s emotional connection, but c’mon! There’s much worse out there for sure!

I wonder when they’ll release the sequels Columbus Day or April Fools’ Day. Those might get my attention!

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  1. Manuel Anaya

    The cast is just too good to not to have at least a peek at it. Don't have much expectations either, but I will follow your advice and wait for the TV version



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