Breaking Dawn – Part 1


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Should you watch this movie? It depends. Here are the choices:
A. You are a fan of the series, either or both book and film.
B. You watch the first movies and are curious about what is going to happen next
C. You cannot believe this story made it into a successful book/film and cannot wait to have another installment to criticize
If any of the above apply to you, then you have to watch this one. Especially with A there should be no question; you have to. If none of the above apply to you, stay away from this movie or any other movie of the Twilight Saga like it’s the ebola virus.

If you do not pay attention to the nuances of this story, and in particular this installment, it is a good movie to watch. The special effects are pretty amazing and the action scenes are pretty cool, although there are not that many of those, mainly because the pace of the movie is pretty slow. That and the melodrama are the aspects most critics have complained about this movie. Melodrama as in change Bella’s name to Belinda and Edward’s name to Eduardo José and we got ourselves a good old-fashioned Mexican telenovela.

The story is a continuation of the romance between Edward the tree-climbing vampire and Bella the sulked teenager with penchant for danger. Now they get married and get to have naughty supernatural sex, much to the chagrin of a very cranky teen wolf Jacob. And of course such type of intercourse can only lead to broken beds, bruised arms, and surprise! A magically unwelcomed baby by all except Bella, who starts looking like she’s got the worse vitamin defficiency ever as the pregancy progresses.

I enjoyed this movie a lot! It was so funny and ridiculous sometimes, you could try very hard, but I’m pretty sure you would sneak a chuckle or two. First of all, it’s a teenager getting married at 18. Anna Kendrick’s character Jessica did deliver a great line: “So um…do you think Bella’s going to be showing? Who else gets married at eighteen?”. Second of all, the support cast might as well be part of the backdrop / soundstage / and/or a group of overpaid extras. Maybe we’d be able to see passed the ludicrous story had the acting been much better. And speaking of acting…

Kristen Stewart was pretty surprising as Bella this time around as she was able to convey a wider spectrum of emotion: upset, slightly more upset, and bone-braking birthing upset. Robert Pattinson does not dissapoint in delivering the same old tormented soul mode in two settings: the standard one (i.e. I don’t want to hurt you again Bella, let’s not have sex) and torment with a smile (i.e. I know I’m hurting you now, but I so need to get laid Bella). And what about Mr. Taylor Lautner? He actually got worse in the whole acting part. He used to be able to at least give us pose number 1, 2, and 3, but in this movie he spent the entire time being Mr. Cranky Pants, howling at the moon kind-of stuff. Not cool.

Overall, I had a blast! I laughed so many times, even during the serious parts! Remember, you should only watch this if you belog to categories A, B, or C above explained!

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  1. Fodoli

    I had the disgrace of watching the second movie, and the cinema hated me for laughing at the supposedly serious and romantic parts. It was extremely cheesy and absurd, but when you're teenager you like a lot of stupid things (I'm getting old). Anyways, I doubt I will see ever again any other of this movies.



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