Midnight in Paris


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Should you watch this movie? Absolutely! It is a brilliant, typical Woody Allen movie with amazing, witty dialog and a fascinating storyline that will keep you entertained from beginning to end.

Gil Pender (Owen Wilson) is a Hollywood screenwriter turned aspiring novelist who is to Paris with his fiancée Inez (Rachel MacAdams) while accompanying her parents there on a business trip. Gil loves Paris and wishes to move there, thinking that would be just the inspiration / courage he needs to submit his book. Inez on the other hand cannot understand these insecurities and wishes to move there and rather live in Malibu. While out one night with Inez and her insufferable, pedantic intellectual friend Paul (Michael Sheen), and a bit drunk, Gil wanders the streets of Paris and suddendly enters a world not of present day Paris, but of the cities 1920s and get to meet some of the most famous Lost Generation artists, some of which happen to be his favorites.

I have to say, this movie could probably join the ranks of one of my favorite movies ever for 2 very concrete reasons. First of all, as ever, the typical Woody Allen-movie type of dialog is ever present and witty as usual. If you are not familiar with his style, here’s the gist: the dialog between characters is very detailed and makes use of the English language the way a classic novel would without actually sounding like the actor is reading from the scrip. Second of all the plot is enticing, the reflections around the topic of nostalgia are very relatable, and the ensemble cast makes the story absolutely delightful and charming.

One other, say, byproduct of watching this movie, is my perception of Paris as an amazing, beautiful city. I never particularly liked Paris and never understood what people saw in the city that was so romantic or special, but after this movie I saw a different side that has motivated to visit and explore further.

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