Wrath of the Titans


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Should you watch this movie? It’s good fun, and if you are not picky about a good script, story, and/or accurate facts of Greek mythology, then you’ll find this movie a great source of entertainment….in 3D!

This movie, unlike its predecessor , actually involves the real threat of Titans, more specifically Chronos, the evil daddy of Zeus (played by Liam Neeson), Poseidon (played by Danny Huston), and Hades (played by Ralph Fiennes). The latter, as expected, did not take the events of the previous movie very well and has it in for Zeus. Together with Zeus’ son Ares (played by Edgar Ramirez), Hades will get his revenge. With the gods weakened and the prospect of titans destroying everything, it is once again up to Perseus (played by Sam Worthington) to save the world once more.

When you go watch this movie, you are doing so because you love good old special effects amd remarkable actions scenes. The dialog between the characters is ridiculous and Worthington’s Perseus has the wit and excitment of a plant. It’s almost as if he disagreed with the director, but really needed the cash. On the other hand, Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes are pretty awesome, definitely not because that script helped them deliver brilliant line, but because, well, they are Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes. Imagine battling the guy from Taken and Lord Voldermort. Pretty badass!

There are a couple of funny moments provided by the character Agenor (played by Toby Kebbell). The role of Andromeda is played by Rosamund Pike (in the previous one it was Alexa Davalos), and the sole purpose of the role is probably for the “romance” part, but I gotta tell you, it falls pretty short (not that it matters, as you are probably more interested in what crazy action scene is about to happen next).

Once again, it is an entertaining option of a movie, but if compared with its predecessor, it’s not as great, although, maybe the 3D factor will give you a bit more for your buck.

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