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Should you watch this movie? if you like explosions, gun fights, delicious eye candy, and even more explosions, this is the movie for you. Nevermind some plot holes and the solid nature of the story: a board game.

Alex Hopper (played by Taylor Kitsch) is a young man with no ambitions, rebelious and defying attitude and no real career prospects for the future until a run-in with the law makes his brother Stone (played by Alexander Skarsgard) force him to join the Navy, where he is already a part of. Already settled in his new Liutenant role, the entire fleet faces a threat: a technologically superior alien force ready to exterminate at will.

When I first watched the trailer of this movie, I thought this was certainly a Michael Bay movie. Something about it looked very “Transformers-ish”. Directed by Peter Berg, the movie might as well be a tribute to all things Bay. The first 20 minutes are more setting the backstory of the characters. A romance between Hopper and Sam (played by Brooklyn Decker), who happens to be the admiral’s daughter, people playing sports, and doing ship machinery stuff, Hopper arriving uncomfortably late to an event to the dissapproving look of his future father-in-law, Admiral Shane (played by Liam Neeson). This part is, by no means, boring. Most of those scenes take place with some rocking AC/DC soundtrack.

As soon as there is an established link with aliens, the madness ensues, and for the remainder of the movie we get excitment non-stop. There are lots of high powered alien explosions as well as some great ones from some nice Navy destroyers. There is also Brooklyn Decker in an impossibly tight tank top and some shirtless deliciousness by Kitchs, and the always pleasant Vampire Eric (Alexander Skarsgard for those of you who have never seen True Blood). Rihanna plays a role as Officer Raikes, the “kicking ass and taking names” chick, and some comic relief is provided by Officer Ordy (played by Jesse Plemons) with some random “lovable idiot” type of comments.

Overall the movie has a lot of cheesy moments, plenty of bravado and military patriotism, and a splash of drama and romance. Story-wise this movie is most certainly not going to be an Oscar contender, but it is not boring at all and will certainly make your movie ticket money worthwhile.

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    The hubby saw a poster of this and said “Look! they're bringing back transformers!” that movie will most certainly make a lot of money here 😛


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