A Good Day to Die Hard


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Should you watch this movie? The plot is cheessy, completely over the top and ludicrous. So the answer would be ABSOLUTELY! If you watch all the other Die Hard movies, you must watch this to perpetuate the epic legend that is John McClane. This movie is 100% action-packed and full of silly one liners to entertain you from beginning to end. Yippee ki-yay!

In this installment, John McClane heads to Russia to see what’s up with his seemingly messed up kid (surprise! He has issues with his other kid, too. Remember when he had issues with this one?). Turns out McClane Jr. Is actually a CIA spy and both papa and son need to work together to prevent some nuclear weapons heist. Guns happen. Explosions happen. Snarky exchanges between father and son happen.

It’s about time the Academy gives Bruce Willis an award or inducts him into the Bad Ass Hall of Fame because this man is committed to his John McClane role and no one could play out favorite potty mouth cop. Can you imagine someone else playing Indiana Jones other that Harrison Ford? Can you imagine Tom Cruise playing a role where he doesn’t make you think he is a massive douchebag? Exactly, it is the same with Bruce Willis and John McClane. He is charming, bad ass, and absolutely hilarious.

Most critics have given this movie really bad reviews, even saying this installment is the worst of the five. I really don’t know about that because I have liked every single one of the movies in a different way, this one included. It is supposed to be an entertaining flick to provide a fun time at the movies, not an arthouse film with a smart screenplay and Oscar worthy performances. If we were judging this movie by those standards, then yes, it is a failure. But we are not, so in my book this movie is pretty awesome!

I have to say though, there was a part of the plot I didn’t see coming, so that’s positive because I can see these storylines coming a mile away. So it can’t be that bad a movie if it manages to surprise a couple of times! For a good time, I recommend this movie. Grab some popcorn, get a drink and enjoy!

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