Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters


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Should you watch this movie? As long as you don’t expect one hell of a story, you will have fun and enjoy the ride. It has pretty interesting special effects, lots of action scenes and good performances by the lead characters. Other than that, the movie is weak and cartoony in how some of the characters are portrayed (mainly the witches). But do you even have to care? Not really, it’s still fun to watch

Hansel and Gretel are abandoned by their parents in the forest and encounter a witch in a gingerbread house who takes them and tries to kill them. They turn the tables around and kill the witch instead. This is the beginning of a successful career for the sibilings as witch hunters. Many years later Hansel and Gretel are summoned to a village to investigate the disappearance of several children and encounter eveil forces unlike they’ve ever seen before and are even confronted with their own past.

Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton play the lead roles, with Famke Janssen as the big bad witch Muriel. The former play a great duo of kick-ass warriors, while the latter could’ve been on screen a little more. Most of the witches characters were really, well silly. Almost cartoony which took away the “seriousness” of their role. And I use “seriousness” because this is not a movie that is supposed to be serious, in fact, it has a lot of funny lines and pop-culture references (after all, it is a movie produced by Will Ferrell’s company)

Movie critics have hated this movie because it’s devoid of a backstory for the villains and it just being an excuse for a bloody CGI splatter of violent scenes and curse words. All of the above are true. But it is also a pretty entertaining movie! I didn’t find it boring, it had pretty cool action scenes and some funny gags, and I left the movie theater pleased with my brainless selection of a movie. So i hope the makers were not expecting accolades and all sorts of awards for this movie. I’m pretty sure they weren’t

So there, it is funny and it is entertaining despite it’s many flaws. Go watch and have fun. Leave your brain at home!

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