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Should you watch this movie? Sure, it will make for a good night out at the movies, but it’s not incredibly “woaaah”. sure, it is an interesting crime / police thriller based on real events and people. Some of the hottest actors in Hollywood have roles in this movie as do a couple of veteran movie stars, but even with all of that the movie is mostly action noise, and not much of substance.

Gangster_SquadThe movie is set in the 1940s, post World War II, and it tells the story of Mickey Cohen, a famous Los Angeles ganster, and a group of LAPD officers that form a group

The film is loosely based on the story of LAPD officers and detectives forming a group called the “Gangster Squad unit” who attempt to keep Los Angeles safe from Mickey Cohen and his gang during the 1940s and ’50s. That is all I can say about the movie’s plot. Because whatever happens throughout the film is violent scene after violent scene. And since Mickey Cohen was a real-life figure in criminal history, we know how his story kind of ends.

The movie is visually stunning, the whole 1940s vibe, costumes, and overall ambiance makes it a cool film to watch. The star-studded cast willalso make a big draw to the movies: Josh Brolin, Anthony Mackie, Ryan Goslin, and Emma Stone. Let’s not forget Sean Penn as Mickey Cohen, deliver what we can only expect of an actor the caliber of Sean Penn: an excellent performance. The rest of the cast, although pretty awesome in their own right, were pretty much underutilized throughout the movie.

What makes this type of movies successful is a combination of action scenes, maybe the odd romance here and there, but these aspects need to be riding on the intrigue, thriller backbone of the story. This movie does not have that. It is one gruesome violence scene after another, and yeah, Ryan Gosling’s character smooching Emma Stone’s character when she is not hanging out with Sean Penn’s character (while secretly longing for Ryan Gosling’s character). Sure, it is quite enjoyable to see a can of whoop-ass opened on a bunch of bad guys, but it is also cool to see the scheming and evil plotting that makes you want the bad guys’ asses kicked even harder.

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