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Should you watch this movie? You still haven’t? What are you waiting for? It’s gotten the top prize in every single award it’s been nominated and most likely, it’ll get the big one: The Academy Award for Best Picture. On the other hand it’s just a very intereting tale that will keep your heart racing as to how it all goes down (although like with this one, you already know it all ends well!)

ArgoThis tale is an actual true story. Talk about life imitating art! First a flash history clash: in the year 1979 the Iranian revolution is reaching a point of no return in their diplomatic relationship with the United States. When US President Jimmy Carter grants political asylum to the ailing Shah, a figure despised in Iran due to the massive human rights violations he commited during his dictatorship (which was sanctioned by the US), turmoil rises in the capital Teheran and the US Embassy is stormed by an armed mob. 52 American embassy workers were held hostage, however, 6 of them manage to slip away and find refuge at the Canadian Ambassador’s home. This is the story of the efforts on Tony Mendez, a CIA exfiltrator who tries to get these guys out of the country in the most outerageous plan, “a plan so incredible it could only happen in the movies).

Why did it take me so long to review this movie? Probably because it came out last year and I only watched it recently. I don’t even remember how long ago, but definitely too long after its premiere. It was a really exciting movie to watch! Ben Afflect, in its 3rd directorial effort proves he is a fantastic storyteller and perhaps a better screenwriter and director than he is an actor. He does, however, deliver a great performance as CIA Operative Tony Mendez, a real life character and the mastermind behind the plot to get the these 6 Americans home.

You know this people escaped Iran and made it home safe and sound, however; the tale is no less riveting. I was so concerned the entire movie for the success of the mission I had to stop for a moment and think to myself, “wait a minute, this already happened, Campo; they all lived happily ever after!” This only goes to show the care and dedication that went into making this movie; a compelling tale with amazing performances by Alan Arkin, John Goodmann, Victor Garber, and Afflect himself. It is clear that there is a lot of fictional drama added to the real story just to bring an extra dose of entertainment to the flick, but it is not over the top crazy. It is a well executed and restrained drama, with plenty of opportunities to be invested as a viewer.

If you haven’t seen it, you better do it soon. It will for sure be longer in the movies if it wins the Oscar on Sunday, so be sure to go to your local cinema to watch.

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