Zero Dark Thirty


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Should you watch this movie? I think it is a great tale of “history’s greatest manhunt for the world’s most dangerous man, Osama Bin Laden” from the perspective of one relentless CIA agent. It is a slow paced, information loaded film that will be captivating, frustrating, but most of all compelling. Having said that, I don’t think it will be everyone’s cup of it, but I can defiitely recommend!

The movie show’s the efforts from the Central Intelligence Agency and the United States government and military in the search and capture of the world’s enemy number 1, Osama Bin Laden. The story focuses on Maya a CIA agent whose sole brief career focus has been to capture this man. She arrives in Pakistan and witnesses repeated episodes of torture of an associate of terrorists and quickly establishes a link between a man known as “Abu Ahmed” and Bin Laden. The rest of the movie we see Maya pursuing the Abu Ahmed lead, as him allegedlly being Bin Laden’s courier is the best connection to capture him.

20130203-110704.jpg Katryn Bigelow directs a movie that’s been quite controversial for its depiction of torture scenes and for allegations of Bigelow’s access to certain classified information about the Bin Laden operation. She succeeds, as she did with las year’s The Hurt Locker in telling a compelling story that will keep the viewer interested and connected to every single step towards the capture of Bin Laden. That’s a pretty remarkable feat for a movie to keep you glued to the screen when we all know how it ends.

The role of Maya is played by Jessica Chastain brilliantly, so much it’s gotten her many accolades, including a Golden Globe award as well as an Oscar nomination (which I think she may, and probably should win). She plays a character who’s hard to work with, in part due to her stubborness, but mainly due to how incredibly focused and passionate she is about her work. And although the movie boasts some known Hollywood names, this is 100% Chastain’s show.

Probably the least appealling aspect of the movie is how it’s an almost 3 hour-long investigation piece, where action scenes are very scarce. The focus of the movie is on the process, the leads, the information to get Bin Laden. I enjoyed every minute of it and did not find it boring. But if you are more interested in sole entertainment and not so much “food for thought”, then you will find this movie, well, boring. Think about this movie as a delicious salad in honey mustard vinagrette rather than your typical, but equaly delicious fast food hamburguer and fries.

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