14 Hollywood Badasses (and what makes them awesome!)


Some actors transcend the craft and become epic. You know those guys: as soon as the appear on screen you go, “whoa, awesome!” Maybe that’s just me totally geeking out… Althought, Im pretty sure I’m not alone. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be all these memes of famous people being, well, for lack of a better word, badass.

Here are 14 of the finest, brightest, and prettiest Hollywood has to offer.

Some of these badasses are physically gorgeous. Others have so much depth and soul they just radiate gorgeous. Most importantly, they can all punch you in the face (both literally and metaphorically) if they ever feel you are out of place. Which you probably deserve. And you won’t blame them one bit, in fact, you may even end up worshiping them. Because they have honored you, mere mortal, and have acknowledged your presence. Here they are (in no particular order), 7 women and 7 men who can truly be called “badass”:


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1. Robert Downey Jr.

If you’ve seen this movie and this movie, you may have no doubt whatsoever about how badass this man is. But the real treat when it comes to Mr. Downey Jr. is how sassy he is. He is easily the sassiest man alive. He is hot, he can kick massive ass, and he knows it. No doubt this 48 year-old is a delicious man candy, but he can also be incredibly funny, which only adds to his sex appeal. Just look at that mouth, that face, that hair…. How many men do you know who can get away with wearing lederhosen to a red carpet event? With Iron Man he made one of the best career comebacks EVER, one with very grim prospects due to his drug problems of the past. He has since kicked the bad habits and proved he is not only a badass, but a true weapon of mass seduction!


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2. Helena Bonham-Carter

Helena is the epitome of cool and it shows in every movie she makes and every red carpet she walks. Not that she cares what you think, really. After all, she once was quoted “‘Fuck it’ is my guiding principle.” I think that is a fab philosophy to live by and I hope I can soon do the same. The 46 year-old has played every quirky and dark character under the sun (however, she started her career playing roles in period pieces where corsets were a must), mostly under the direction of her husband Tim Burton (and often alongside Johnny Deep) and has the capability to disarm you with her wits and sarcasm. She is also deadly with a certain magical weapon, so beware. Don’t let images like this one distract you from that fact!


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3. Alexander Skarsgard

Don’t let that gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous face fool you. This delicious 36 year-old Swedish specimen of a man will sweet talk you until you start feeling dizzy and next thing you know you are dead because you have been drained of all of your blood. And you’ll be sad you no longer have any more blood he can suck while seductively breathing on your neck (actually you’d be dead, so at least you won’t have to worry about being sad). He is so dreamy and quite the treat when shirtless, which I personally believe he should be at all times. Sure, he’s had moments when he seems more like a heartless automat, but then stuff like this happens and you fall in love with him again. You’re welcome!


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4. Jessica Chastain

Like Alexander, Jessica Chastain is fully loaded with pretty. Like, breathtakingly pretty. if I were single and into women, I’d probably ask her to marry me. Her Hollywood career is fairly short, yet she is already a powerhouse. No surprise here. The 36 year-old has the poise of a beauty queen and the tenacity of an agent who spends years hunting down the most wanted criminal in the world and actually gets him! And she is such a versatile actor she can play anything from a circus performer (non-human, by the way) to a desperate housewife in 1960s Mississippi and make it look credible. She is so badass she can play an agent of other intelligence agencies around the world (playing a younger version of another badass in this list!)


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5. Morgan Freeman

One day while reading Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat to sick orphans, a kitten magically appeared on Morgan Freeman’s head. His voice will cure disease, replenish unfertile soil (his tears are a potent cell regenerator), and impregnate humans (both male and female). Unlike most action heroes from the movies, Morgan Freeman (who by the way is 75 years-old) does not need to use guns, nor to throw punches; he only needs to be. Anything he narrates suddendly becomes infinitely more interesting (Principles of Accounting get you down? Morgan Freeman narration and the whole thing could be adapted into a movie) And when movie producers and casting directors need to find an actor to play God, there is only one correct answer: Morgan Freeman.


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6. Meryl Streep

Morgan Freeman may be the only actor who can play God in a movie, but Meryl Streep is the only actor who could play Morgan Freeman. She’d nail that performance and the 63 year-old would be nominated for all possible awards and win them all. She could even narrate all her wins. There is nothing Meryl Streep can’t do. Except maybe “to suck” (I mean as in “to not be good”, suck. I’m sure she is brilliant at the other sucking as well!). She also doesn’t not need violence to wreck havoc. All she needs to do is purse her lips and the world as we know it could be a the brink of disaster. And then she’ll smile and all will be well again. Imagine she would’ve procreated with Morgan Freeman instead of her husband… No more award shows! Their offspring would win, always)


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7. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

It’s time to examine the water supply of Scandinavian countries because they keep producing these incredibly badass people like our own Jaime Lannister here. This 42 year-old has played a wide variety of roles in movies and TV, but his most prominent ones tend to be the ones where he is a highly skilled swordsman, sniper, or fighter. He has not, however; played any prince charming role, despite all evidence to the contrary. He’s got so much swagger he can make an entire squad of Navy SEALs look like a bunch of little wimps. And, in case you haven’t noticed, he is incredibly handsome. He was in a movie with Jessica Chastain so they had to make it in the horror genre or the sheer gorgeousness of that couple would’ve made us all blind.Swoon!

8. Chloë Grace Moretz

Like Nikolaj, Chloe is skilled is all sorts of weapons. well, at least her characters do! She played Hit-Girl in the movie Kick-Ass and let’s face it, she kicked more ass in one scene than the eponymous chharacter did the entire movie. And she did so with the sweetness of a 13 year-old excited about candy and the potty mouth of a 40 year-old trucker. Did you know she is only 16 years-old? Still, she’s quite the tough little lady and also quite the looker as you can see! She also happens to be quite a well adjusted kid who we don’t expect to pull a Lindsay Lohan any time soon. Some people dislike her, but what are you gonna do? Haters gonna hate! Although, I’d be careful to do so…surely she can punch in the face, but in her preparation for this next movie she may be able to do so with her mind


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9. Liam Neeson

His particular set of skills have come in handy in more than one ocassion. The solution to terrorism and organized crime? Well, of course, Liam Neeson. You are stranded on a desolate forrest in the middle of winter and you need to survive exposure to the elements as well as assorted predators coming your way….how will you make out alive and in one piece? Liam Freakin’ Neeson! He is not only a massive badass with a fist, he is incredibly soulful and deep. Have you heard this man speak? The 60 year-old is your go-to guy if your omnipotent, god-like character is more of a mythical or even magical nature. Need someone to rescue the Earth from impending doom and Morgan Freeman is busy narrating the cure for cancer? Liam Neeson is your answer


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10. Helen Mirren

When you think of Helen Mirren, the word “glorious” has got to come into mind, so much, I’m pretty sure that’s her middle name (it is actually Lydia, but we’ll ignore that fact for the purpose of this article). The 67 year-old is quite the regal persona, so much she was eventually asked to not only play one queen, but two. Don’t let her elegance appearance mislead you into seeing her as delicate little lady. She can be as skilled in flower arrangements as she is in assorted weaponry. She is also crazy hot. You don’t think so? Allow me to crush your erroneous perception right now. If none of those tidbits of information impress you, let me add a little cool by association (not that she needs it): she used to date Liam Neeson. Hot!


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11. Gerard Butler

The thing about my boyfriend Gerry is he can kick your ass into a bottomless pit. But in the case he can’t (or doesn’t want to get his shirt dirty), he will charm you into kicking your own ass. He’s like Medussa only when you stare longinly into his eyes you won’t turn into stone, but fall madly in love with him. Since playing king Leonidas he’s made all epic movie characters to be in various stages of undress the norm. Thank you, Ger. you are a trailblazer! The 43 year-old can do no wrong. Ok, maybe he can. But he will always be forgiven. Because he’s got that gorgeous Scottish accent that will get him out of trouble. Because his smile can melt icebergs. Because, well, just look at him. Now picture him with his shirt off. Exactly!


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12. Jennifer Lawrence

And speaking of charm, my girl crush (and probably every other human being’s crush since she came on the Hollywood scene), can turn it up to the maximum at will. Unlike many other Hollywood actors, she does not take herself so seriously. Think about it, how many actors do you know who can flip you off, with an Oscar in the other hand and still look like a fairy tale princess? One of the best parts about this awesome young lady is how despite her fame and fortune she is still one of us: still lives with her parents, drives the same car, and woould not eat overpriced snacks at hotel minibars! Plus she is a total goof But don’t let her beauty and personality fool you. The girl can kick ass! Go ahead and try to cross her and she may Katniss the crap out of you!


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13. Peter Dinklage

Not many actors in the world can convey the “sorry you just found out I’m your dead dad’s gay lover” emotion. Peter Dinklage can and that is only one of many reasons he is one of the most epic badasses of our generation. For real! Do you need more reasons? Two words: Tyrion Lannister. The younguest of the Lannister sibilings in the series Game of Thrones is one of the most interesting to watch. The 43 year-old has some of the best damn lines in the show and delivers them with such pizzazz he is a strong contender to Robert Downey Jr. in the sass department. Plus, let’s face it the man is fiercely hot! Maybe he is not your average height, but hey, you know what they say: it’s not the size that counts, it’s how you use it. Powww! Like a boss!


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14. Lena Headey

When Lena Headey played “Ma-Ma” a vicious crime boss in the movie Dredd, she was supposed to have a terrible appearance due to a massive scar on her face. The whole terrible aspect was a total failure because even with that huge scar she looked HOT! The 39 year-old is just fierce in any role she plays, from slow-motion, sex-having queens of Sparta to brother-loving, evil-plotter, queens of Westeros (she plays a great monarch, clearly). The latter is probably the role most people tend to associate her with these days, theone and only Cersei Lannister. her characters have such fearsome self-confidence she often needs to share the spotlight with equally fierce actors (like the two that also grace this list!)



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