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Should you watch this movie? Yes. It is one of those visually stunning movies worth a watch in a massive screen.

20130416-024112.jpgThe film, based on the novel of the same name, consists of six different stories which are somehow interrelated and span different time periods. Here’s a little chronological overview: In 1849 we follow the story of Adam Ewing, an American lawyer travelling from the Chatham Islands to San Francisco after concluding a business transaction. In 1936 we learn about Robert Frobisher, a musician working for the famous composer Vyvyan Arys. Then we have Luisa Rey, an American journalist investigating the safety of a nuclear facility in 1973 San Francisco. 65 year-old Timothy Cavendish is a publisher in 2012 whose business deals lead him to end up at a nursing home. In the year 2144, Sonmi-451 is a genetically engineered clone who is expected to spend a life of servitude at a restaurant in Korea. Finally in a time period in the future referred to as “106 winters after The Fall” (from the book it’s apparently the year 2132) we meet Zachry, a member of a somewhat primitive society who are always facing attacks by a cannibalistic Kona tribe. Just by reading that you’ll probably think “meh”, but the plot twist is all these lives are connected (and not just by the same acrors playing different characters)

All those stories seem to be pretty random, which makes you wonder how the hell can they be connected? But I guess that’s the beauty of this tale and it explains why the book became a best seller. So far this tells us the book’s story was really good, which is already a plus for any movie to start from, however; just as Hollywood can make something magical, it can also ruin good stories. Luckily this was not the case for this movie, and although it wasn’t without pitfalls, the Watchowski sibilings (you, the same guys from The Matrix) executed it brilliantly.

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