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Should you watch this movie? Surprisingly, yes! It’s an entertaining, incredibly funny (amd somewhat) heartwarming story. It’s like watching a superiorly scripted Twilight where instead of vampires you have zombies, the latter which perform far better than any living Twilight character (who’s really brain dead here, uh?). Come to think of it, it’s nothing like Twilight. The protagonist is also British, maybe?

20130409-171505.jpgIt’s a dystopian world, which after several wars and a mysterious plague, leaves a big population of zombies and a few uninfected trying to survive. The story is told from the point of view of R, a kind of odd zombie, who one day rescues Julie (a human survivor) from being killed by other zombies and begins to bond with her there after. Julie sees that R is different from other zombies and as their relationship evolves, changes seem to take place in R, making him more human once more. As they struggle to survive, other zombies start experiencing similar changes from witnessing their relationship.

It is easy to think of this movie as another Twilight copycat, after all, we are dealing with supernaturals vs. humans and how a relationship between the two flourishes against all odds. But that’s as a far as the similarities go. For starters, Teresa Palmer, the actress playing Julie, may look like Kristen Stewart, but she can actually convey more than 3 different emotions. Nicholas Hoult as R can also emote a storm, which is a considerable feat considering he doesn’t have a lot of dialog. Zombies don’t really talk on account of being dead. Maybe that’s what went wrong with Robert Pattinson in Twilight. He confused one undead performance with another. John Malkovich also stars in the movie as Coronel Grigio (on the humans side), as well as the super hilarious Rob Corddry as the zombie M. For some reason the zombies only seem to remember the initial of their first names. Geez, I wouldn’t be taken seriously as a zombie with my name, I’d sound like I need to got to the bathroom all the time.

In the end good performances are not enough to make a movie (for example, these two did their best and the movie still sucked). That’s why this movie was so good: it was a great story! It may be about the romance between two incredibly good looking people, but it shows beauty and love can be found, even in the ugliest of places. What’s most important about the movie is how relevant human connection can be to create a better world. The film, however; does not deliver such message in a too serious way. There are los of moments of hilarity, my davorite usually were R’s witty narrations. This is what most people want in a movie. Entertainment, a little bit of romance, comedic moments, and a message that gives you hope this world is not the sh*tty whole the news seem to portray. The film will not win an Oscar, but it’ll probably win your heart. Awwwww, how cheesy of moi! It’s such a coincidence also that I get to see this movie, with its message after I read a book which tackles that topic of himan connection and engagement.

Loved this movie. Go watch and love it, too!

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