G.I. Joe: Retaliation


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Should you watch this movie? If you want to give your brain a well deserved break and enjoy some senseless violence, then by all means, go watch. If you are a huge fan of Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock), you’ll love it. If on the other hand you are a fan of Channing Tatum, then I suggest you watch this one instead. This installment of G.I. Joe will leave you pretty “Tatumness.”

20130426-014839.jpgThe Joes are back and once again the have to deal with an old foe: Cobra Commander and his plans to rule the world. But now, not only do they have the Cobras to worry about, even their own government seems to have turned their backs on them after they are framed with stealing nuclear weapons from Pakistan. Of course, we know already from the previous movie (G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra) that Zartan, part of the Cobra team is actually impersonating the President of the United States, so in the end it is all an elaborate plan of Cobra Commander. Now the team needs to prevent some bad stuff happening and clear their name in the process.

Why did I choose to watch this movie? Because I was already in the movie theater (watching this movie) and the film I really wanted to see next was only premiering the day after. I went all the way from home to Brussels to go to the movies so rather than go back, I watch G.I. Joe, expecting to encounter a massive train wreck. After all, the majority of the stars from the first movie didn’t even bother showing up for this one. And when your sequel seems to be doomed and starless, who do you call as filler? Well, of course, The Rock. Turns out the movie wasn’t thaaaaaat bad, in fact it was hilarious!

I could not have said it more elocuently than this film critic who says of this movie:

The filmmakers appear to have handed a dozen or so G.I. Joe dolls to a 9-year-old, watched him play for 110 minutes, and then shot a scene-for-scene remake.

I see your 9-year-old and I’ll raise you my 2-year-old who is always playing with his toy cars and trains by recreating this extravagant crash scenes where wagons get derailed, passangers scream and cars dangerously hang at the edge of cliffs (the latter would be a bookcase since there are no cliffs in my house). Leave your brain at the door and enjoy the action scenes from this movie which are very, very often in the movie (thank goodness, can you imagine having to deal with The Rock’s acting prowess / pec dancing? – be honest, you just tried to make your pecs dance, too, didn’t you)

To add insult to injury, Bruce Willis actually said yes to this movie. You’d think his presence would bring a little more cache to the movie, but you’d be wrong. If anything this movie substracts any cache from Bruce Willis. Again, it is not a horrible, horrible movie, but it isnot the best action flick you’ll see this year for sure, although one thing that seemed pretty vivid was the 3D. So at least they got that going for them.

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