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Should you watch this movie? Yes, you should. It is Robert Downey Jr. End of argument.

20130426-020425.jpgAfter the events of The Avengers, Tony Stark is visible shaken after everything that happen back then. He immerses himself in his workshop and his Iron Man suits, creating different versions with different features; this pattern of workaholism and lack of sleep is taking a tool in the relationship with his girlfriend, Pepper Potts. In the meantime, acts of terrorism are ocurring around the world attributed to a man who calls himself “The Mandarin” and when one of such attacks touches close to home, Stark find himself dealing with an enemy which destroy everything he holds dear and will take him back to some key events from his past (more specifically from 1999) which seem to be somehow connected and could ruin him and the world.

I love Robert Downey Jr., and true love lasts forever (even when he is paired with magical food pixie and most beautifully entitled human being Gwyneth Paltrow). The man has made a huge comeback with this franchise (and with The Avengers franchise as well), so much there is no way any other actor in Hollywood could be better suited for the role. In this latest installment, Downey Jr. proves he is still pretty badass AND incredibly hot. Can you believe he is 48 years-old? Ok, maybe you can, but he still looks good in my opinion.

As expected the special effects are great as you can expect from all Marvel movies. The storyline is a small departure from the previous movies in that it focuses more on the inner struggles of Tony Stark, the person, rather than the dealings of Iron Man, the superhero. The supporting cast is pretty solid with Don Cheadle reprising his role as Colonel Rhodes, Guy Pierce as Aldrich Killian, and Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin. Comic book geeks can rejoice, as finally one of the strongest villians in the story get the spotlight. Another very interesting aspect of the story? We get a couple of surprises thrown in, so the plot is not entirely predictable.

I really liked this movie. If you ask me to choose between this movie and The Avengers, well, I would choose The Avengers (all that hotness in one place, can you blame me?) That doesn not mean this one is not great. It definitely is!

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