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Should you watch this movie? Yes! It was a pretty hilarious movie, full of that great humor the Brits are so good at. It’s still your typical romantic comedy with a certain level of predictability, but totally fun to watch!

20130428-151910.jpgNat and Josh have two completely different personalities and lifestyles. Nat is more of your corporate careerwoman (at an advertising agency) while Josh is more a free spirited type currently struggling to write his next novel. Despite those differences, both are inseparable after meeting at a party and have an idylic romance, even end up getting married. Their families and friends, however; don’t think they are a good match and wonder if they can actually last. To make things more complicated, sparks fly between Nat and her new client, Guy, while sometimes it seems that spark never really left between Josh and his ex-girlfriend Chloe. Will they make it a year?

This series makes me feel great about British movies. Sure, this is not the best British movie of all time, but it proves they can make really interesting as well suuuuper fun movies. From the trailer you could tell this was a funny one and luckily there were more moments other than the ones in the trailer to laugh about. Rose Byrne plays Nat and proves she can be a great comedic actress (remember this one?) and so was Minnie Driver, I had completely forgotten about her comedic ability. She plays Nat’s sister. Rafe Spall plays husband Josh andthis guy was hilarious. Not as hilarious as Stephen Merchant who plays his best friend and spends most of the movie saying really innappropriate stuff (innapropriately hilarious that is!)

The movie also stars Anna Faris as Chloe and the always delicious Simon Baker as Guy. I’m not sure what is it about that guy that makes you swoon. My theory, it’s that wavy hair….but I digress. Back to the movie: as I said earlier, this is not a revolutionary story, different from every other, in fact it pretty much fits all the tennents of romantic comedies. There is a certain level of unpredictability, though. I personally was not expecting the ending as it happened. Overall it is a well written film which will be highly entertaining to watch. A good flick for a nice evening out with friends or your partner. Heck even on your own is funny. I’d watch again for sure!

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