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Should you watch this movie? Totally! It is a very cool movie with some of the most entertaining actors in Hollywood today. The animation is nice and the story is quite endearing with some positive message, without losing the extreme hilarity of many moments. I found it incredibly fun!

20130430-195541.jpgThe Croods are a family of extremely cautious caveman led by Grug, who sees danger meverywhere and does everything he can to protect his family. This proves a bit challenging for Eep, his teen daughter who has a keen sense of adventure. When their cave is destroyed, they embark in a journey to uncharted territory, and thanks to a very imaginative nomad called Guy, they discover new places and their own potential to survive – much to the chagrin Grug who is not the most embracing of change of the bunch!

The movie boosts an all-start cast: Nicholas Cage is the voice of Grug, Emma Stone is the voice of Eep, Catherine Keener is the voice of Ugga, Cloris Leachman is the voice of Gran, and Ryan Reynolds is the voice of Guy. One of the things I liked about the movie is how you can recognize the voice of the character, but the animated characters don’t really look or have the same manerism as the actors, which gives an extra dimension to the story, and more “authenticity” so to speak. The animation is not the crisp and awesome experience of Pixar movies (this one is by DreamWorks), but the visuals are still very nice and enjoyable!

Obviously you are not going to find yourself watching a historically accurate representation of the prehistoric man, but you are not watching this movie for that purpose (and if you are, may I suggest the Discovery Channel instead?). You are watching because it is cute and a whole lot of fun with the many slapstick moments. Some criticts have found the humor lacking and the story not interesting enough for adults, but at the same time, too complex for children. I guess I am a big child because I found it perfectly adequate for me! There is not a single character that really plays “lead” which makes the movie more special as you can relate to the different facets of the different characters. I very much liked Eep (and Emma Stone is just fab!) because she plays a very strong woman who is at the same time very much a teenager with all the vulnerability that comes with it.

Fun stuff!

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