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Should you watch this movie? If you’ve watched the trailer, you know you have to, even though Douchebag Cruise is in it. However, his douchiness does not taint this movie at all; it is always interesting and will keep you wondering what’s happening next. Is it the most epic movie you’ll ever see this season? Probably not, but it is still worth a watch!

20130416-020653.jpg60 years before the events on the movie, Earth was attacked by a race of scavanging aliens. In the end, the battle was won by humans, but the planet was lost. All that is left is Jack Harper, a security repairman and Victoria Olsen a communications officer, both stationed there on a mission to monitor and maintain drones and a hydro rig draining the last vital resources remaining on Earth (which seem to be attacked sometimes by the remaining “scavs”). Their mission is almost complete and in a couple of weeks they’ll join the remaining survivors at “the Tet” a vessel orbiting Earth which operates the rigs and will transport the survivors to Titan. Then a flying object crash-lands carrying a woman Jack is mysteriously drawn to. And then stuff begins to happen and everything your thought about the plot changes and you’ll wonder “what’s happening!”.

I had a bunch of theories as to what had happened and what the story was about and how the plot was going to be resolved, but I probably hit 1 out of 10 plot developments. The one lingering thought I had was “how sh*tty must that future be if all humanity has left is Tom Cruise”. Then Morgan Freeman makes an appearance and you know right away all will be good. He will narrate the crap out of that barren wasteland and the Earth will flourish once more. He is magical that way! So there, two good reasons to watch: it is not such a predictable story and Morgan Freeman.

Now, what I find interesting about the whole plot predictability is that you will most likely not guess the plot twist, at least not most of it, but you feel after watching it was somehow obvious that’s the way it was supposed to be. Also if you are a fan of the TV series Game of Thrones or good looking men in general, you’ll be pleased to see Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, albeit for short parts of the movie. And like his GOT character, Jamie Lannister, he is very good with a weapon. Andrea Riseborough plays Victoria and she is also marvelous. There is a quality to her that makes her quite interesting to watch in movies and I expect we’ll see more of her in Hollywood (or at least I hope so)

I liked it and in spite of Tom Cruise, it was a good movie. Could’ve had more Morgan Freeman, a better plot resolution, a whole lot more of Jamie Lannis… sorry, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, but overall it was enjoyable!

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