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Should you watch this movie? If you have nothing better to do, then yes because it is definitely better than nothing. But I would not waste the movie ticket on this one. Save it for The Hangover III (although I’m not sure that one’s going to be worth the movie ticket either….)

20130510-132440.jpgTwo old high school friends, Casey and Miller surprise their fellow friend Jeff Chang on his 21st birthday and try to coerce him into going out and celebrate his legal drinking age. Despite having a very important medical school interview early the day after, the guys head out to what is supposed to be one drink. What happens next is an over-the-top night of debauchery where Jeff Chang gets to do everything he has always wanted to do for a change (mostly brought on by a very demanding, and somewhat scary father), much to the of his friends who need to pick up the pieces and make sure he makes it to his interview in one piece.

From the writers of The Hangover (parts 1, 2, and now 3) comes this story where three guys go through in one night what an entire dorm room might go in one year of college. For the pruposes of entertainment at the movies, this could be absolutely perfect. But in reality, uhmm, no. I can’t remember a single good joke from the movie. Not because there weren’t funny moments, because there were plenty of hilarious situations, not just memorable enough to become “classics”. All I will remember from this movie are a funny old man dancing in full Native American headgear and a small Asian guy with a stuffed animal glued to his penis. That last one may be enough to interest you in this movie, though…

This movie stars Skylar Astin (from Pitch Perfect), Miles Teller as Miller, and Justin Chon (who had a little stint in Twilight) as Jeff Chang, who I wonder why they keep calling Jeff Chang and not just Jeff. To emphasize his Asian-ness, perhaps? I don’t know. The guys spend most of the movie in various stages of inebriation. Insert some penis and boob jokes, a ton of red plastic cups full of beer, disgruntled Asians, and then they all live happily ever after, living life to the fullest and enjoying the beauty of youth and the legal drinking age.

The End.

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