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Should you watch this movie? I personally did not think it was the horrible mess the critics have made it sound to be. Sure, it is a tried and tested formula, but it is still somewhat fun to watch. I’d probably wait until it comes out n DVD or it’s on TV for free. Should you decide to go to the movie anyway, just keep your expectations low and you might find more enjoyment than you hope for!

20130527-224244.jpgEllie arrives at her ex-husband’s Don’s and his partner of many years Bebe for the celebration of their youngest, adoptive son Alejandro’s wedding. Things get a bit complicated when Alejandro’s very religious biological mother travels all the way from Colombia for the wedding with the idea of divorce being a mortal sin which causes Ellie and Don to pretend they are still married. This of course causes quite the hilarious situations for the entire family, which includes sister Lyla, brother Jared, Alejandro’s fiance Missy, and even the in-laws, in comedy about love and family, however disfunctional!

This comedy has quite the impressive ensemble cast headed by Susan Sarandon, Diane Keaton, and Robert De Niro. Ben Barnes plays the adoptive son from Colombia (proving that Colombians can only be played by very, very good looking people), while Amanda Seyfried plays the fiance Missy. Thopher Grace and Katherine Heigl play Alejandro’s sibilings Jared and Lyla. Robin Williams plays a small role as father Moinighan. With such powerhouse names you’d expect massive LOLs, right?

There are plenty of funny moments and the movie is generally enjoyable, however; given such stellar cast, it kind of falls short. But it is still a fun flick to watch and I don’t think it deserves the horrible criticism it has received. It is not a very different kind of story, you know it’s predictable, but that’s not why you go watch this movie. Personally, it made me happy while I watched, afterwards I felt more “meh”, given how memorable it was (not at all). But it is not as bad as other romantic comedies and at least I was able to stay awake through it. For that reason it gets a better review than just my usual indiferent little face!

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