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Should you watch this movie? Meh! If you have nothing better to do or the alternatives look pretty bleak. But you won’t stuck gold here, people, that much I can tell you. At least you have a couple of funny moments to entertain you.

20130830-094306.jpgNick is a Boston cop who gets killed by his partner and ends up recruited by the “Rest In Peace Department”. This “organization” is a supernatural group of officers who capture people who refuse to cross over when they die and stay on Earth, or “Deados” as they are typically called. Nick is partnered with Roy, a former US Marshal from the 1800s. Together they uncover some shady operations by deados that could jeopardize life on Earth as we know it!

Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges star as Nick and Roy respectively. As you can expect, both are two funny guys swapping hilarity in one-liners, but the prize goes out to Jeff Bridges with his Wild West persona. Although I found it hard to understand a word he said. Maybe I’m losing my English language understanding or my hearing is bad. But I really struggled. Kevin Bacon plays Hayes, the bad guy and I wondered, has Kevin Bacon played a good guy in a movie in recent years? Talk about typecasting!

There is plenty of action and general mayhem to keep you numb for a while and while the special effects were quite ok, I found it they were a bit shoddy-looking with some of the scenes involving the actors. The story in itself, despite the many funny moments, is pretty predictable and follows the standard of many stories of its kind. In some cases, the plotline feels super ridiculous.

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