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Should you watch this movie? Fans of the X-Men franchise have to and will go watch. Overall action movie fans will enjoy this movie as well, so I can recommend!

20130822-090227.jpgSeveral years after the events of X-Men: The Last Stand, Logan still struggles letting go of Jean and is often haunted by hallucinations of her. At the request of an old friend, Yashida, who is now dying, he travels to Japan where suddendly his ability to heal appears to have weaken, a very inconvenient issue now that he is trying to protect Mariko (Yashida’s grandaughter) from criminals trying to hurt her. So not only does he have to deal with his own inner demons, but with hordes of ninja assasins and Yakuza criminals after him.

The movie combines everything you’d want in an action movie: explosions, fast-paced chasing scenes, superpowers, beautiful people who also happen to kick massive ass, great special effects,
and ninjas! If you didn’t pee yourself a little bit in excitement, then I’m guessing action is not your genre. If it is and your underpants are still dry, you must get psychological help, now! The story is based on a Wolverine series from 1982 and keeps the plot continuity with other X-Men / Wolverine movies from the recent years.

Hugh Jackman reprises his role as Logan / Wolverine. And one must wonder if this man sleeps in formaldehyde or something because like his character he is well preserved. Not to mention chiseled like a Greek statue. One of the good things about this movie is that there is a certain depth to the Wolverine character that adds a little bit of dimension to the story, not too much that it would make the movie too heavy, but enough that it provides a good justification for the character’s actions. Not all senseless violence.

I watched this movie in the classic format, but the film was released in 3D as well, for those who prefer that. I personally, don’t. But in whatever format you watch, it is a good enjoyable movie!

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