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Author: Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

20130717-111338.jpgAfter Lena claims herself in the events of the previous book, it appears as if the Apocalypse has arrived in Gatlin. Record high temperatures and swarms of locusts overwhelm the residents of this small town. But it is the struggle with strange and somewhat impossible events that is really taking a toll. Ethan is haunted by dreams worse than any he’s ever had before and he seems to be losing his memory. Lena’s family of Supernaturals seems to have serious misfiring of powers problem. Now it’s time for all the characters to experience the consequences of their actions and to deal withhow to restore the balance in this world of their own creation full of chaos!

The first few chapters of this book were pretty slow and I was a bit bored. Then BAAAAM! stuff happened. Major, major stuff happened and I just did not want to put the book down! After the first book it was already difficult to see how much more the authors could go deeper into the story, yet they did. By the second it was clear the story had a lot more twists and turns which made me want to grab this one. Considering the way this one ended, I am even more curious to see how the story will conclude, so I have started reading the fourth book!

The book keeps the same essence of the previous ones, from the writing style, to the wit and charm to the characters. But it changes in that although Ethan has been the POV character in all the books, this time the focus is really on his role in the whole turn of events in Gatlin and both Caster and Mortal worlds. In the previous books he switched the focus more on Lena. It was a more personal and intimate view this time and I have to say I was a bit emotional during certain chapter. I almost cried. For real! Then I remember this is not a real story, so I didn’t shed a tear.

I do love book 1 and book 2, but since this installment actually triggered an emotional reaction, I have to say it is in my opinion, the best so far. Even though it was heartbreaking!

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