Beautiful Creatures


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Author: Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

It is not often that I decide to read a book after the movie adaptation. You should know this book is not a brand new one, in fact, it came out back in 2009, but I joined the party a bit too late (mainly because I was not part of the target audience: Young Adults). My sister gave me this book and very quickly I was hooked!

20130616-182333.jpgThe book follows the story of Ethan Wate, a teenager from the town of Gatlin, South Carolina, a place where everyone knows each other and time seems to have stood still in terms of how “progressive” society is. Just as he is counting the months to just escape from the town (when he goes to college), a new student called Lena Duchannes joins his school and starts to shake things up in this sleepy little town. As Ethan and Lena grow closer (mysteriously drawn to each other), we discover a whole world of magic that has been going on for centuries in the town, uberknownst to most of its residents.

The story is quite captivating and enjoyable. It is a long book (400+ pages), but you are going to find yourself sneaking in any possible time to read along. At leastI did! In the end it is a love story between two teenagers, which of course come with all the cheesy and corny moments a relationship at that age implies, but make no mistake, this is not Twilight! There are far more valuable themes in Beautiful Creatures than there are in the Twighlight franchise: trying to fit it when there is nothing wrong with being different and unique, struggle between good an evil, not only in the world around us, but within ourselves. Nothing about how important it is to have a boyfriend, even if he is over 100 years old and pretty much stalking you.

It is written in a very easy language to understand that almost has a Southern brawl to it, sort of like True Blood without the boobs and gore. You will find the descriptions can very much let your imagination fly and really get into the mythology of “casters”, both light and dark. Although written with “young adults” in mind, any older adult will find this a nice read!

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  1. Christina

    Yay! you read it! How do you you feel it holds up next to the movie adaptation then?

  2. Christina

    Yay! You read it! How do you feel it holds up next to the movie adaptation then?



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