Beautiful Redemption


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Author: Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

20130717-093146.jpgAfter the heartbreaking events of Beautiful Chaos, things go back to “normal” (as “normal” could be in a town like Gatlin): the extreme weather subsides, the locusts go away, the grass is once again green. All thanks to Ethan. He wakes up after the extraordinary circumstances of the previous boom with only one goal: to get back to Lena and the ones he loves! And also make their own bargains and plans to get Ethan back. Whatever it takes!

The book continues with Ethan as the main POV character in the story for the most part. We now see an entire section of the book that reads from the point of view of Lena. Very interesting switch, although it was hard sometimes to distinguish because the writing style was pretty similar, except for the poem bits on Lena’s monologue.

The previous book was about how the characters are lost with no answers and having to deal with the consequences of their actions. As the title aptly put it, it was pure chaos. In Beautiful Redemption it’s all about answers (as you’d expect the final installment of a book series to be), reflections of past and present ocurrences and hope of what the future may hold. Except for a couple of exciting moments, the book’s pace and the story’s direction is a bit more monotonous than the rest. In a way it mirrors Ethan’s journey. You know it is a logical step in the story, but at the same time it can feel a bit boring. In any case, if you read the other books, 1. You will read this one no matter what, and 2. you will still feel as engaged in the story and now how it will all end. And it does end. No loose ends. Done, done!

Luckily, this one is the shortest of all the books and I was able to read it in 2 days. And I was able to enjoy it, but it didn’t make a big splash, like the others did, especially the last one ending on such a bang. But I had to read it and in general I did like it. On it’s own it is a great book, but not so much when compared to the others. I’m going to miss the excitement of wondering what is happening next. This book series helped me rekindled my love of fiction reading. For a while I was only interested in non-fiction, but now I may just start switching more and more to novels!

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